David Yang 律师

The beneficiary has a PhD in Physics and works as a data scientist at a predictive analytics company. The beneficiary has 6 papers that have been cited 7 times, and is listed as co-inventor in two patent applications. The beneficiary has also reviewed about 20 papers for multiple journals. 8 letters of recommendation were submitted, including 6 letters by independent referees. Among the letters, two letters confirm that a multivariate model developed by the beneficiary has been used by the employer/petitioner’s customers to predict and detect potential machine failures in wind turbines, mining trucks and oil and gas platforms. That the employer/petitioner’s technology is used by its customers is further evidenced by related media reports. The petition was filed with Nebraska Service Center using premium processing and was approved without RFE.

Unlike universities which normally sponsor EB1B for faculty positions, private companies are usually willing to sponsor EB1B petition for their employees. If you have some qualifications for EB1B and are interested in exploring this route towards permanent residency, you can contact me at [email protected]/* */

David Yang is a founding partner of FYZ Law Group and has more than 15 years of experience in immigration practice. He has represented clients in numerous immigrant and non-immigrant petitions.



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