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b'Magnet Handling Bridge Crane application Magnet Handling Bridge Crane very convenient for application in loading, unloading, and moving iron or steel blocks, cylinders and so on. Permanent Magnetic crane are the most ideal lifting facility for factories, docks, warehouses and transportation, it , , , .'

Electromagnet Overhead Crane | Magnetic Cranes | Scrap ...

b"II. Magnet Handling Overhead Bridge Crane Features 1. Material: All compression structural part of crane's components chosen material with fine quality and meet regulation.The important material has quality guarantee and inspection report. 2. \xe2\x80\xa6"

MW5 Normal Temperature Type Lifting Electromagnets for scrap

b'MW5 Normal Temperature Type Lifting Electromagnets for scrap. Application: Lifting electromagnets Adopt complete sealing structure, good property of moisture-proofing. Non-magnetic fender is made of rolled Mn plate which has good property of solderability, magnetic \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Lifting & hoisting magnets. 10 products. Lifting magnets serve to move and position steel workpieces of various shapes and lengths, quickly and without damage. With a lifting magnet, you save both valuable storage space and time. It is a safe alternative to slings, chains or \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Sealed Mag-Mate PNL0250 Lifting Magnet 250 LB Cap 5 inch. $175.00. $20.00 shipping. or Best Offer. Only 1 left!'

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b'The permanent MPI Lifting Magnet magnet is widely used for handling ferromagnetic materials in the metal industry \xe2\x80\x93 in workshops, on building sites, in warehouses for semi-finished steel products, when handling steel workpieces, tools, sheets, metal profiled sections, tubes, and bars. Download our'


b'Electromagnetic bridge crane Maximum lifting capacity: 32 (t) Rated load: 32 (t) Maximum lifting height: 18 (m) Span: 31.5 (m) Electromagnetic bridge crane with removable magnetic disk, especially for In the metallurgical factory in the indoor or open space between the fixed intertrocessing handling and handling'

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b'Lifting magnets and handling magnets are suitable for picking up, hoisting, placing or positioning steel - ferromagnetic - objects. More info.. For robot, tackle or manually. Pneumatically, electrical or manually switchable. Lifting power: up to 15,000 kg. With permanent magnets or electromagnets. Suitable for all .'