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b'Bridge Erection & Construction Systems; Products for Existing Construction ... Engineered Solutions for Cast-in-Place or Precast Bridge Construction ... We utilize a variety of launching girders, beam launchers, and lifting frames capable of placing precast beams directly behind, below, or in parallel to the erection'

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b'Huada Heavy Industry specialized in providing bridge girder erection machine solutions and products since 2008. Bridge girder erection machine is also called bridge erecting machine or girder launcher crane. If divided by bridge beam: there are full span, segment beam, T beam, U beam, V beam and I beam'

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b'Steps for Bridge Girder Launcher Via. The No. 1 crane moves to the top of the middle bracket to increase the friction of the middle roller and prevent slipping. Carry the beam to the back branch. The No. 2 crane'

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b'Jelajahi concrete beam bridge launcher yang mengagumkan di dan nikmati penawaran tak terkalahkan. concrete beam bridge launcher merampingkan tugas industri dengan kapasitas bantalan .'

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b'Beam launcher is widely used for erection of precast concrete girders with almost all types of cross-sections, including I-beams, M-beams, box beams, etc., as well as steel girders. This beam launcher is'

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b'Precast Concrete Bridge Box Girder Launching Gantry Crane Erection Machine for H... Singapore Malaysia Advanced Concrete Bridge precast steel box girder formwork Shandong Boyoun Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. offers premium quality 30m Long Small Steel Precast Segmental Box Girder Cross'

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b'The availability of erection equipment of adequate capacity is of particular importance in the planning and construction of medium-and high-rise buildings where the use of precast concrete is being considered. High reaches require cranes with long booms, and equipping a crane with a long boom can ...'

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b'Bridge Launching Girder 1600T Bridge Launcher Machine For Erecting Concrete Girders $10,000.00-$30,000.00 / \xe0\xa4\xb8\xe0\xa5\x87\xe0\xa4\x9f 1.0 \xe0\xa4\xb8\xe0\xa5\x87\xe0\xa4\x9f (\xe0\xa4\xa8\xe0\xa5\x8d\xe0\xa4\xaf\xe0\xa5\x82\xe0\xa4\xa8\xe0\xa4\xa4\xe0\xa4\xae \xe0\xa4\x91\xe0\xa4\xb0\xe0\xa5\x8d\xe0\xa4\xa1\xe0\xa4\xb0)'