Factory Price LX electric hoist single-beam suspension bridge crane

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b'Product Description. English LX type electric single girder - suspension cranes, is a kind of economical and practical street light small crane operation, and the model CD1, MD1 model electric hoist, ground operation, convenient installation.It is suitable for lifting goods in machinery manufacturing factories, assembly workshops, warehouses (places where the height from rail surface to roof ...'

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b'Kbk Light Duty Hanging Single or Double Girder Overhead Crane with Chain Hoist. KBK Flexible Suspension Bridge Crane is constituted by KBK track, electric chain hoist and installation components. The KBK suspension crane can be a very simple equipment with 2 straight rails, also can be very complex suspended monorail system.'

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b'1. The operation speed of the cart is 3-30m/min (frequency conversion timing); the operation speed of the trolley is 2-20m/min (frequency conversion timing). 2. In addition to the standard lifting speed, there are various speeds can be choose. The frequen'

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b'CD1 type and MD1 type wire rope electric hoist is a light and small lifting equipment. It can be installed on single beam, bridge crane, gantry crane and cantilever crane. It can also be used as a hoist by changing a small part. Therefore, it is one of th'

DF type European electric hoist (car type)

b'DF type European electric hoist is designed with variable frequency speed control, small impact and also realize the accurate positioning; an intelligent safe operation monitoring recorder with similar aircraft "black box" can be used to record the working state information of the crane and prevent the operation of the crane from breaking the ...'

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b'The single beam suspension bridge crane is a light and small crane that runs on rails and is used in conjunction with an electric hoist. This machine is mostly used in machinery manufacturing, assembly workshops and warehouses. The running track uses I-beam. The single beam...'

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b'Single Girder Bridge Crane. pawell overhead crane is a revolutionary creation with unparalleled performance, light weight, maximum safety and reliability, and high operating efficiency, all encompassed in a compact design. Designed to solve various applications, the crane helps customers to cut down on the overall factory construction cost ...'

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b'Suspension Bridge Crane is a kind of light duty crane equipped with Electric Wirerope Hoist or Chain Hoist. The electric single girder overhead crane is applicable in factories and warehouse where the height from the rail surface to the lower edge of the truss is equal to or shorter than 500mm.The trolley is equipped with a specific electric hoist that features flexible structures and reliable ...'