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b'CWD Series Sludge Handling Cranes. Lifting Capacity: 5t-16t. Span: 7.5m~16.5m. Working Class: A7,A8. In the sludge station where the waste is burned, semi-fluid sludge is unloaded by trucks into storage bunkers. In the bunker, the sludge handling crane transfers the sludge into a storage area. From the storage area, the crane feeds the sludge ...'

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b'Welcome to consult waste handling clamshell overhead bridge waste grab bucket crane price and quotation with Henan Dowell Crane Co.,Ltd, which is one of the leading waste handling clamshell overhead bridge waste grab bucket crane manufacturers and suppliers in China, and we can offer you customized products.'

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b'Waste grab crane is working above the waste storage pit and mainly used in waste feeding, handling, stirring, reclaiming and weighing. Below we will provide some brief information about the different types of grab cranes for you. Garbage Grab cranes for sale.'

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b'CWD Series Strawbale Handling Cranes Lifting Capacity: 10t-20t Span: 15m~31.5m Working Class: A7,A8 Strawbale handling crane is a specially developed for the straw power plant material handling cranes, Strawbale handling cranes are used to unload, storage and feed work straw bales from trucks.'

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b'Grab Overhead Crane. QZ Overhead crane with grab is widely used in loading goods in port,factory,workshop, power plant, steel melting plant,cement plant,waste renewable energy industry. The working duty is heavy.The group classification of the crane is A6. The direction of platform door to the driver\xe2\x80\x99s cap is:side,end and top.'

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b'Grab cranes. Bulk goods can be handled more efficiently with an adapted grab crane. DEMAN builds grab cranes for the handling of wood waste, cocoa beans, slag, household waste, etc. The automated control facilities of the cranes ensure 24/7 high performance and \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Material handling overhead crane is a kind of overhead crane, and it is used to lift and transport heavy materials without putting unnecessary strain on the workers. With the overhead crane, it is easy to realize the heavy lifting and it keeps the workers safe and improves the work efficiency greatly.'

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b'Garbage Grab Crane . Garbage Grab Crane is the core device of garbage incineration plant feeding system; it is grab overhead crane , mounted on top of the waste storage pit, mainly responsible for garbage feeding, handling, mixing, extract and weighing.'