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b'Electro Lifting Magnets. MW5 Series Electro Magnetic Lift for Sale Magnetic Lifting Tool Lifting Magnets Lifting Equipment Lift Magnets for Sale Hoisting Equipment Magnetic Lifting Equipment for Sale Steel Scrap Handling Circular Lifting Magnet for Crane Heavy Duty Industrial Magnetic Lifting Tool for Handling'

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b'Industrial Scrap Metal Magnets. We design and produce magnets for scrap metal processing operations of any scale. Scrap handling magnets are designed for this specific purpose. Our scrap metal magnets are constructed to meet the needs of any industrial scrapyard, performing with sufficient power when and , .'

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b'2 partially energised to facilitate load shredding. Different shapes and types of magnet are available, for example: flat pole plate magnets for handling sheet metals and bulk goods such as scrap iron, etc; specially-shaped pole plate magnets for lifting pipes, round steel bars or sectional steel; magnets with'

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b'Buy Permanent Magnetic Lifter in Dholpur from top Permanent Magnetic Lifter Manufacturers in Dholpur and Permanent Magnetic Lifter Suppliers in Dholpur, exporters - Kumar Magnet Industries (+91) 8000202090 | 9898176321'

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b'Magnet weight 2,650 lbs. 75% duty cycle Lift capacities:(lbs)#1 HM pig 1,200, #2 HM pig 800, Punchings 1,400, Turnings 375 2 year limited warranty All MLT scrap handling magnets are as standard rated for a 600 volt class H insulation system. 4 layer design 1100 aluminum strap/ribbon conductor 410 Nomex'

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b'handling. manually switched permanent lifting magnet. TML 500. Lifting force: 5,000 N. The TML 500 is a permanent lifting magnet manufactured by Alfra. It is specially designed to lift a maximum load of 500 kg. At a material thickness of 5 mm, the magnet can lift up to ...'

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b'Magnetic lifters are mainly used to lift steel parts in the factory or warehouse, and it can be classified to the permanent magnetic lifter and electric magnetic lifter according to the source of magnetic field.Electric magnetic lifters have been criticised for power consumption, serious heating, hysteresis , , .'

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b'Electromagnetic Lifter / Scrap Lifting Electromagnets. Jaykrishna magnetic is the leading manufacturer of electromagnetic lifters. It is yet another lifting equipment utilizing the magnetic property towards shifting of heavy objects. Our special lifter is designed to \xe2\x80\xa6'