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b'Truss gantry crane is a small portable gantry crane. It can move in flat hard ground in any direction. It is convertible, strong site adaptability and powerful. This type of gantry uses different types of steel welded into a triangular bracket according to the truss principle, the frame is reinforced with a number of steel of ;'

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b'Mar 22, 2021 \xc2\xb7 MG Double Beam Truss Gantry Crane. The MG type double beam truss gantry crane is mainly composed of a gantry, a crane trolley, a cart operating mechanism, a cab and an electrical control system. The portal frame is a truss structure, which has the \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Truss gantry crane is used together with CD MD model electric hoist. It is a track travelling small and medium-sized crane. Its proper lifting weight is 5 to 32 tons. proper span is 12 to 30 meters its proper working temperature is -20\xe2\x84\x83to 40\xe2\x84\x83.'

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b'AIMIX Group, a famous crane supplier and manufacturer, specializes in producing and exporting lifting gantry crane for years and has much experience about business and technology.Its gantry cranes have been exported to more than 50 countries and regions with high praise. Tel: 0086-371-55036316 Mobile: +86-177 5252 3318() : @.'

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b'A-type Gantry Crane is A-type double girder gantry crane ; consists of A-type gantry frame steel structure, trolley, crane traveling mechanism, electrical system Double Girder Overhead Crane is double girder bridge crane with hook, suitable for indoor or outdoor fixed \xe2\x80\xa6'

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b'Common gantry crane rail crane gantry crane use more of this type and box truss structure, the most widely used. Bridge Crane is a type of crane found in industrial environments. An overhead crane consists .'

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b'Introduction of Different Gantry Cranes. AQ-MH hoist single girder gantry crane is mainly composed of bridge (main beam), four legs, lower crossbeam, crane driving device, electrical control, electric hoist, etc. it is designed and manufactured according to the standard JB566.3.2-91, and is used together with CD,'

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b'MH type single girder gantry crane has box type and truss type, the former have good techniques and easy fabrication, the latter is light in dead weight and strong in wind resistance. For different usage, MH gantry crane also has cantilever and noncantilever gantry crane.'