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b'The remote control box is powered by a battery placed at the bottom of the box. On the side of the remote control box there is a socket for connection of the remote control cable. Radio Remote Instruction Manual (#99905818) 10-12 IOWA MOLD TOOLING CO., INC. GARNER, IA 50438 5'

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b'We repair industrial radio controls, radio transmitters, remote controls, custom-made remote control systems and remote control systems in our workshop in The Netherlands. Our stock contains over 5.000 different radio control parts, so we\xe2\x80\x99re able to maintain and repair radio controls of nearly every brand.'

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b'Cervis provides industrial wireless remote control solutions for both standard and highly engineered specifications. We are specialists in both AC and DC crane control and have a passion for constructing the best industrial wireless radio remote controls on the market. The Warrior product line consists of two, three and ANY-STEP push button ...'

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b'More information See the other productsIMET Radio Remote Control wireless remote control / 6-button / 8-button / 10-button M880 RAY CP Make a request wireless remote control M880 RAY CP One step buttons handheld transmitter with a innovative and versatile design.Lion Polymer battery that guarantees an autonomy over 25 hours.'

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b'Apr 13, 2020 \xc2\xb7 Recent updates from Scanreco include the ability to use the 14 push-button handheld Rocket Flex transmitter with the G3 CANopen receiver. This gives the operators the freedom to mix between a bellybox transmitter, like the Mini or Maxi, and a smaller hand-held transmitter like the Rocket Flex when controlling their crane or machine.'

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b'SCANRECO RC400 RADIO CONTROL KIT. Connections for the PWM Hawe central unit with cabling and DIN connectors. Package includes: 2x Battery type 592 (7.2 V / 2000MAH) Charger type 434 Belts cable 10 m Receiver TMF-BRO type 24V 6F. frequency range: 410-470 MHz. THE ANTENNA SUPPORTS TWO BANDS: 420-480MHZ 850-950MHZ.'

Radio controls for overhead cranes – Sklep OK • OK Dźwigi

b'Olsberg Hiab radio control 8 functions, complete The control includes: Transmitter with stickers 9881557 Receiver 9882499 charger 9836713 2x battery 804572 7.2V 1.6ah Belt 3787125 ERGO V8 backup transmitter for HETRONIC ERGO V8 RX14 radio control unit with system number E0907100051.'

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b'(R3X,RC) (R3X,RC) (R3X,RC) 27 HH 422 1 Alavanca Palanca de mando Control lever 28 EK 871 1 Pomo Empu\xc3\xb1adura Handle 29 HH 420 4 CJ.Alavanca Palanca de mando, Control lever,cpl. cpl. 30 ES 051 4 Parafuso Tornillo Screw M 8x16 DIN 7984'