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b'Financial service sectors are also excluded. Concepts and definitions of variables. Production, or gross output net of indirect taxes and subsidies, is valued in selling prices, excluding VAT.Electricity sold, fixed assets produced for own use and goods made by other enterprises are included, making allowance for changes in stocks of finished goods and of work in progress.'


b'Founded in 2008, Tek Lighting Technology Co., Ltd is a leading LED Light Manufacturer in China, specializes in research, development and manufacturing of Light Emitting Diode product. We provide retrofit LED flood light,LED street lights, LED warehouse lights, LED high bay lights, LED panel light, LED garden light, LED corn bulb, LED down lights and more.'

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b'Aug 22, 2011 \xc2\xb7 In the present scenario supplier of service that is the transporter is located in India, recipient that is the consignor is located in India. Coming to place of supply since both service provider and receiver are in India then Section 12(8) shall be attracted and the place of supply shall be the location of recipient which is in India.'

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b'One should turn towards spiritualism for a long, healthy and happy life, Yogendra said. The president of the International Board of yoga, Hansa Jayadeva said, \xe2\x80\x9cinstitute\xe2\x80\x99s\xe2\x80\x9d caring heart project\xe2\x80\x99, has made people \xe2\x80\x9cbetter human beings\xe2\x80\x94more caring, loving and relaxed with better will power to handle any stress\xe2\x80\x9d.'

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b'Economic Recovery in the Great Depression. Frank G. Steindl, Oklahoma State University Introduction. The Great Depression has two meanings. One is the horrendous debacle of 1929-33 during which unemployment rose from 3 to 25 percent as the nation\xe2\x80\x99s output fell over 25 percent and prices over 30 percent, in what also has been called the Great Contraction.'

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b"because it distorts the market's natural ability to establish a price that provides a fair return on land, labor, and capital. He advanced the idea that a market economy would produce a satisfactory outcome for both buyers and sellers, and would optimally allocate society's resources.[60] The image of the invisible hand was previously employed"

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b'Feb 20, 2021 \xc2\xb7 In 1974 and again in 1982, Dr. Thompson spent semester-long sabbaticals as a visiting scholar at the Harvard Business School. His areas of specialization are business strategy, competition and market analysis, and the economics of business enterprises. In addition to publishing over 30 articles in some 25 different professional and trade'