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b'Cassioli\xe2\x80\x99s semi-automatic ISAT pallet shuttle is designed for high-density pallet storage. The semi-automatic ISAT allows storage of a large quantity of pallets, with a depth of more than 40 meters from the , .'

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b'Lifting Equipment (Manual / Semi-Auto) Drum Handling Equipment; Fork & Crane Attachments; Hand Trucks; Retail & Logistics Equipment; Storage & Racking Equipment; Wire Shelving System; Ladder ;'


b'of automatic opening and closing. Stacker and reclaimer are capable of automatic operation once initialization has been completed. Advantages \xe2\x91\xa0Mass-flow discharge is fully automatic. \xe2\x91\xa1Simple . \xe2\x91\xa2, . \xe2\x91\xa3'

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b'The warehouse has 6 automatic trilateral stacker cranes each 9.8 m high, serving six 48.5 metres long, single-depth racking aisles. The group of six trilateral stacker cranes permits a combined pallet cycle of 100 in and 100 out per hour with a travel speed of 100 metres per minute. This type of stacker crane does , ...'

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b'Automated miniload warehouse. The automated miniload warehouse is an automated storage system for boxes or trays, an all-in-one installation with racks, a stacker crane, conveyors and the Easy WMS warehouse management system. It comprises one or more aisles with racks on both sides, where a'

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b'PoMaCon, Inc. began life in April of 1985 as Post-Monyak Conveyor, Inc. Rodger Post and Andrew Monyak combined their engineering experiences, from years of building material handling systems, to'

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b'Oct 10, 2019 \xc2\xb7 Semi-automatic Pallet Shuttle: capacity and productivity. The Pallet Shuttle is a semi-automated high-density storage system in which a shuttle with an electric motor runs along rails within . : , ...'

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b'Radio shuttle system is a high-density semi-automatic pallet storage system consisting of shuttle racks, shuttle and forklifts. ... Radio Shuttle Stacker Crane >>More. Lifter & Conveyor Equipments 2021/05/06 867. &'