Single bridge crane applicable End carriage wheel block side beam of overhead crane

Dearborn Overhead Crane Glossary

b'Overhead Crane. A short end truck which is rigidly connected to one girder. A flexible end tie is used between the girders to permit equalization of the wheel loads by torsional deflection of the girders and flexing of the end tie. (WCH) Boom (of gantry cranes) Overhead Crane.'

California Code of Regulations, Title 8, Section 1610.3 ...

b'A member section of a crane or derrick, the lower end of which is affixed to a mast, base, carriage, or support, and the upper end supports a hook or other end attachment. The length of the boom shall be taken as the straight line distance between the axis of the foot pin and the axis of the end sheave pin. Boom (equipment other than tower ).'

Learning Programme Content -

b'2014-7-1\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82Operate a pendant controlled overhead crane Unit Standard: 116235 NQF CREDITS 5 (TETA Accredited Certificate) Course duration: NCOP Minimum 40 hours, maximum 4 learners 5days. Course content: MODULE 1 \xe2\x80\x93 Types of Overhead Cranes Introduction Overhead Electric Chain Hoist Suspended Rolling Suspended Monorail Girder ...'

Full Multi - Motor Vehicle Act Regulations

b'Removal in case of collision or breakdown. 2.02 Notwithstanding section 7.09, (a) a vehicle on a highway that, as a result of collision, or otherwise, ceases to be properly equipped under the Act or these regulations shall be removed from the highway forthwith or taken on the highway to a garage or repair shop by a tow car or other vehicle capable of safely carrying out the movement, and'

Lifting and Hoisting Procedure Inspection Testing and ...

b'2012-11-14\xe2\x80\x82\xc2\xb7\xe2\x80\x82Transport the test load in the other direction with the crab unit close to the extreme left-hand end of the crane as practical. Deflection Test . With the SWL suspended at the central position on the crane bridge measure the deflection; the deflection shall be compared against the maximum allowable, specified by BS 7121-2.'

JGJ 7-2010, PDF in English -

b'JGJ 7-2010: PDF in English version (JGJ7-2010). Auto immediate delivery.'

Heavy lift trailer crane - Mcdonald, Alan Rodrick

b"1. A trailer-mounted heavy-lift crane having an extended trailer with fifth wheel hitch means at the front end, and a plurality of road wheels at the rear end of the trailer; turntable means located at said trailer rear end, having an operator's cab mounted thereon; a crane boom pivotally secured to said turntable means for upward and downward pivotal displacement; hydraulic ram means for ..."

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