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环保工程师 24 篇引用文 NIW 1个月顺利批准

An environmental engineer with 14 papers and 7 review citations had his EB2NIW petition approved in 31 days.

Recently, our law firm helped a researcher in the field of environmental engineering, specializing in Contaminated Groundwater and Soil Remediation, who had 14 published papers and 7 review citations, obtain an approval of his green card petition in EB2NIW in 1 month (31 days). His I-140 EB2NIW application was filed on August 30, 2013 and approved on September 30, 2013 without a Request for Evidence (RFE).

We have prepared is a synopsis of his case based on the following EB2NIW legal criteria: a) Areas of National InterestThe client, who is Senior Corporate Engineer at an industrial and commercial water treatment company in the U.S., works in the field of environmental pollution with applications to environmental engineering and science. We persuasively argued and presented evidence to prove how the client’s research work would be on a national scale, not just limited to a single region or entity, and how his leading edge work on contaminated water treatment has important/practical significance and direct links to the U.S. long-term interest in water quality and public health.

He is a critical environmental engineer to develop novel water treatment technology for fracking water and sea water to convert to reusable quality and for potable purposes. As water is becoming an increasingly scarce resource, ensuring sufficient water to meet the needs of households, agriculture, industry and the environment is a growing concern across the globe. Many parts of the United States already face serious water shortages and even drought. Population growth and the changing climate are putting additional stresses on water supplies. The client’s research is focused on investigating the treatability of oil and gas industry wastewater. His achievements and expertise on chlorinated solvent bioremediation and modeling soil and groundwater contamination has benefited and will continue to benefit important national interests of the United States in environmental pollution, public health and water.

b) Advanced DegreesThe client proved that he has earned a master’s degree or higher in his area of specialty in order to meet this required criterion. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. degrees in Chemical Engineering.

c) Evidence to Establish Applicant’s Uniqueness and Innovativeness to Serve the National Interest

For this important criterion, we showed that 1) the client possesses distinctive technical skills, knowledge and research abilities that cannot be articulated on an application for labor certification, and 2) his expertise and prior research experience are required for his current and future research projects that are connected to the U.S. national interest. We argued that his current position and the ongoing projects rely on his previous research expertise in chlorinated solvent bioremediation and modeling soil and groundwater contamination, as well as his intellectual power and broad professional experience in contaminant removal, water chemistry, and chemical engineering that are rooted in his past and current research discoveries.

To present such arguments, we helped the client prepare two (2) advisory opinion letters from recognized government organizations, such as the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). We also helped him prepare six (6) testimonial opinion letters of independent/non-independent experts who are able to evaluate and discuss his knowledge, expertise, and research abilities in view of national interest aspects.

d) To Prove That Applicant’s Prior Achievements Have Some Degree of National Level Benefits and Impact/Influence on the Field as a Whole

We helped our client establish his research accomplishments are so significant that the degree of benefits and impact demonstrated by his research is greater than most of his peers in the field. This can be proved by documenting the applicant’s actual accomplishments in the field. Through our comprehensive evidence preparation system, we thoroughly documented his 12 first-authored papers, 2 co-authored papers, 7 review citations, 24 research citations, 8 opinion letters, among other documents.

When we prepared the client’s documentation, we paid close attention in organizing his evidence in a way that the CIS review officer may find critical evidence easily and quickly. Our evidence preparation system ensures that our clients present all their evidence according to the legal requirements of EB2NIW.

e) Waiver of the Labor Certification Requirement

In expert opinion letters, we provided a detailed explanation of why a labor certification application is not appropriate in the client’s case. To show that the client’s absence in his current research activities would adversely affect the U.S interests, we helped him describe his critical roles in the projects, and the fact that the future progress of the current research projects depends on his continued research on further development and implementation of sound and economical environmental pollution control techniques.

The successful adjudication of the client’s EB2NIW petition without a RFE reflects the fact that the client’s case was well-prepared and well-organized by our systematic evidence preparation.

The EB2NIW applicants who are outside the United States do not need a U.S. employer to sponsor a green card application. The applicant needs to have a U.S. institute provide a ‘Letter of Intent to Offer’ to USCIS to prove that he/she will be offered a research position in his/his field of specialty in the United States after obtaining a green card.

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